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Additional sources

  • The CHAN (Centre Historique des Archives Nationales) has documents on the secular colleges of the University of Paris within the Archives of the Ancien Régime, in the following category:
  • Category M (boxes)
    Foundation deeds of the colleges since their origin, scholarship, chapel, and memorial service foundations; book donations; statutes and regulations; necrologies; documents concerning the Principals, Procurators, scholarship holders (provisions of scholarships, discipline, disputes); procedural documents, reports on management of the colleges, their reform; documents relating to college buildings, property, income. 13th c. – 1791.
  • MM category (registers)
    Cartularies (collections of deeds) and office deliberations; deeds and foundation accounts, statements of scholarships and boarders, library catalogues; accounts, historical papers; collections and deeds of Père Léonard of Sainte-Catherine. 13th c. – 1791.
  • H3 Sub-category
    Documents mainly from the 18th c.: accounts of college receipts and expenditure; documents concerning the novices and scholarship holders (extracts of baptismal certificates, allocation of scholarships, lists or catalogues of novices, distributions made to scholarship holders); documents concerning income (sales, purchases, receipts) and the buildings (rent reports, building work); inventories of deeds and libraries. 14th-18th c.
  • S category
    Deeds for land ownership, houses, income and property belonging to the colleges; several plans. 12h-10.
  • N and NN category
    Plans. 17th-18th c.

See also

Given that the Archives of the Irish College include several notarial deeds, the central minute book of the Paris notaries in the Archives nationales can be consulted.

In addition, the collection kept in the archives of the Archbishop of Paris, and in the National Archives of Ireland can also be consulted.

The Département des Estampes de la Bibliothèque nationale de France includes several plans of the Collège des Lombards (Collection VA-260(A) fol.) and the Irish College (Collection VA-258(B) fol.).